Digital identities and security

  Digital identity Prezi presentation

                              What is a digital identity?


It is information about a person or entity that is obtained online that uniquely describes that person or thing. To confirm your identity online, many websites and social networking sites will ask for your ID and password to confirm your identity and to make sure you are the person who you say you are.

Online safety is important, especially for children, as they can be naïve to the dangers

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that the online world can incur. Incorrect use or lack of online safety knowledge can lead to safety risks for children including cyber-bullying, stalking or exposure to illicit materials which can negatively impact the child’s emotional and physical wellbeing (CFCA, 2016). It is becoming so easy for children to access the world wide web through mobile devices and to share so many things about themselves which is why internet security is becoming crucial to be taught to the young audience.

                                                     Digital footprint

The things that we share online may last forever and can be read by anyone, be copied and/or passed on and could show a permanent profile of who you are, even if it’s not a

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real reflection of who you are. Smith (2017) suggests that “a tattoo is permanent, much like the information we post online”, which can be a good thing to keep records and important information always at arm’s length, but can be quite detrimental to someone’s profile, especially if they have shared inappropriate things in their young life which can affect their career opportunities for example if an employer happens to stumble upon something unprofessional and may choose not to hire that person for that reason, even though it was in the past.

How companies are using us through financial gain

social media marketing GIF by SEO MARKETING MEDIA ELITE

Through the extremely popular use of social-networking today, companies are using the data we post to see what we buy, watch on TV, where we go and our physical characteristics all used for marketing purposes; they are making money from our personal lives.




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